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ezWebBusinessBuilder makes it easy for you to...


  Start a new business on the web.

  Grow an existing business using proven low-budget and no-budget web marketing.

  Migrate any existing offline business to the web to get new clients and sales.

  Turn any idea you may have into cash.



It's a REAL CD, not a download!

Frequently Asked Questions...

Let's face it, there are literally tons of Internet marketing products online. So why should you even consider getting this CD?

Maybe these frequently asked questions will help you make an informed decision...

What is the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD?

I've seen browser videos before, how are yours different?

Is this a business opportunity?

If I get the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD, will there be any more costs to do business online?

OK, how much money do I need to spend every month to operate a web business?

Does the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD come with any consulting or personal assistance to help me grow my business online?

Do I get any web design software or other necessary programs with the CD?

Do I get my own website with the CD?

The CD sounds good, but how do I know the stuff on it actually works?

I own the CD already, can I get some help with using it?



What is the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD?

The ezWebBusinessBuilder CD is a full multimedia "View it and Do it" business plan, for any web business idea you may have. There is nothing to read and nothing to study. The software quite literally shows you the steps necessary to succeed in online business -- doing what you want to do. If you have an offline business, the CD is perfect for getting that business online to attract new clients. You can also use this software to start a brand new business on the web, or grow an existing web business.

The CD works on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and later versions. (Sorry, it does not work on a Mac.) It contains 18 full multimedia videos totaling approximately 2 hours. The videos show you exactly how to research business ideas, setup a professional website and get new clients and sales, using proven, grass-roots web marketing strategies.

I've seen browser videos before, how are yours different?

There are a few "browser video" products on the market that teach different aspects of Internet marketing. Some are downloadable and some require separate software to view. ezWebBusinessBuilder comes on CD and is 100% plug and play. You simply start the download version or load the CDrom into your computer and it runs.

The ezWebBusinessBuilder CD is also more than just screen videos, it is interactive software. The CD is hosted by an animated character named Paul, who shows you each step, then connects you to a live website that walks you through building your business. In short, this software simplifies and streamlines the task of starting or growing a business online.

"I received the CD yesterday and I have to say I am very impressed. Like you, I have been making a living online for many years now and I thought I had seen everything. However, you have produced a product unlike anything I have seen before - a real revolution in helping people to be successful online."
 Paul Lang
 Netsavvy Communications
 United Kingdom

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Is this a business opportunity?

While we do have an affiliate program for the CD, this site is NOT about a business opportunity. Business opportunities usually make money for the sites offering them, not the people who join. The ezWebBusinessBuilder CD was designed to simplify the task of building your business on the web - not ours.

If I get the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD, will there be any more costs to do business online?

This a commonly asked question. While this CD will provide you with many of the tools necessary to do business online, there is no single product that can cover every potential business expense. Every business needs to spend money to make money. So unless you have at least a little expendable income, it is not advisable to start any business, whether it be online or offline.

OK, how much money do I need to spend every month to operate a profitable web business?

You'll find that when running any business, expenses will always exist. For instance, depending on the business you get into, you could have ongoing expenses such as fees to process credit card orders and monthly web hosting charges. However, all ongoing charges can be kept relatively low, especially during your startup phase. (About the cost of dinner for two at an average restaurant.) The ezWebBusinessBuilder CD shows you how to use every low-cost, grass-roots strategy available to save time and money.

Does the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD come with any consulting or personal assistance to help me grow my business online?

The CD is a standalone product. Every step of building or expanding a business on the web, is explained and shown, in detail. The CD also come with technical support which covers any problems using the CD. However, if you feel you will need to have someone coaching you along, our Make A Living Online package is now available and the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD is included in that package. You'll get our entire suite of products as well as personalized help via private email consultations with proven Internet marketing expert, Jim Daniels.

Do I get web design software, or other necessary programs with this CD?

Yes! Along with the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD, you get all the software you need to easily design and upload a website. (Saving you potentially hundreds of dollars!) The free web design program is an easy to use WYSIWYG (stands for what you see is what you get) program. And the uploading software is a drag-and-drop program that's even easier to use! You can also choose to use your own software if you wish.

Do I get my own web site with the CD?

Yes! The CD comes with a small selection of professional, business related templates which are free to use with no restrictions. But since it is impossible to include website templates for every type of industry, we partnered with the web's largest template provider to offer pre-designed sites for virtually any business imaginable. By waiving our affiliate commission we are able to offer complete websites for an average price of $35 each. And the quality is impeccable. You can choose to use one of the free templates, the discount templates or a design of your own.

"We received your CD and have used quite a bit of it. The way you have put it together makes it so easy to use. We really like how after each lesson, it connects to the Internet to so we can perform the tasks. Everything is laid out step-by-step and extremely easy to understand. If you can't get a web site up using this CD then you just can't do it. Thanks Jim for a great CD!" A++++

Larry and Karen Timler
Moss Beach, Ca

The CD sounds good, but how do I know the stuff on it actually works?

The steps the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD walk you through, are the very same steps taken to build this site, and hundreds of other successful businesses. They literally show you how to Research any business idea, Setup a working website, and the Marketing strategies that get you top search engine ranking, a constant stream of website visitors, and most importantly, continually growing sales.

The creator of the CD, JDD Publishing has been one of the top Internet marketing firms on the web since 1996. Try a search at google.com or any other search engine for Internet marketing expert and you'll find their bizweb2000.com site or make-a-living-online.com site on the first page of results among millions of sites. While you're at it, search for website marketing, Internet marketing or small business marketing. Again, you'll find JDD Publishing sites on page one among millions of sites. (Incidentally, the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD shows you exactly how you can get top ranking in your niche.)

I own the CD, can I get some help with using it?

Simply place the CD in your computer's CD player and close the drawer. The CD will auto-start by itself. When it starts, simply click "Start Here: Intro/Help Video". That video will explain exactly how simple the CD is to use. If you still need help or have questions, visit our customer support page.  



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