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  Start a new business on the web.

  Grow an existing business using proven low-budget and no-budget web marketing.

  Migrate any existing offline business to the web to get new clients and sales.

  Turn any idea you may have into cash.





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- Melissa Campanelli
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Customer Letters...

The ezWebBusinessBuilder video based software is causing quite a stir.

Here's what our customers are saying about this innovative program...

"I viewed the ezWebBusinessBuilder software yesterday and find it is excellent. It was laid out in such a way that each demonstration is the next logical step to follow."

"The whole program is like someone gently holding your hand and leading you down a path that leads you to your goal. Before receiving this program the whole subject of getting starting scared me to the point that I didn't want to do anything. Questions like where to start, do I do this first or last, and so forth are all sorted out in a understandable way using this software."

Kathy Linton
Canadian Corporate & Trade Name Searches


"Jim, I'm really impressed!"

"Not only is this software chock full of great information... it is the most professionally produced internet marketing product I've seen in a very long time. When everybody else is just throwing together products to get them out the door, you've done a really first-class job of organizing and presenting the information in a set of step-by-step video tutorials with narrations, practical exercises, free tools, and links to really useful resources on the internet."

"Anybody that feels overwhelmed from information overload, will LOVE the way you've broken this down into easy digestible steps and walk them through each one. Thanks for a really great product. I'm recommending it to everyone I talk to."

Sid Hale
Midlothian, Virginia


I have had a good look through your new software and it is brilliant. It's the best I have seen to date and I have seen a lot of web site building programs. This is the easiest to follow, in fact a no-brainer. I am building a new website and I will be promoting your CD. I am also advertising it already on the web site that came with the package. Well done."

Regards, Rennie Hepplewhite
Houghton Le Spring
United Kingdom


Hi Jim,

"I got my ezwebbusinessbuilder disc today and I've been reviewing it all day. I have to say all credit to you, Jim. I've never seen anything like this, it's absolutely amazing. If somebody can't get their business going with this there would have to be something wrong with them."

"It's packed with so much information that a lot of us just take for granted and presented in such an easy to assimilate manner that anyone can do this now."

"Well done, I'll be recommending it to my readers and putting together a marketing campaign for it right away."

Trevor Greenfield
Stourbridge, UK


"Jim, I haven't even implemented anything yet, but wanted to let you know that this CD is unbelievable. I am excited even though I have no idea what I could sell yet! I definitely want to promote this CD for commissions though - it is truly unreal."

Leslie Tribolet
Princeville, Hawaii


"I have been doing business online since 1990 - before the Internet - marketing Local Bulletin Boards. The secret to riches was to find the KILLER APP - that software program that everyone needed, wanted or solved some serious online limitations."

"There haven't been very many KILLER APPS of late, but I think you may have just come up with one. There is only one word that describes your ezWebBusinessBuilder software program: AWESOME."

"With your CD anyone can build a PROFITABLE web presence in a week - all they have to do is put the CD in their computer, watch the video presentations and follow the EXTREMELY EASY directions. It's that simple."

"If you are a 'newbie' to the web marketing world or you are an experienced online marketer, you NEED this CD. It will save you big time bucks, tons of time and the best part - it will give you all the tools to build a very profitable online business of your own. Great job Jim. The money making opportunities using this new CD are staggering."

Fred Conquest, Ph'd, CEO
MasterMind Communications


"We have used quite a bit of it and the way you have put it together makes it so easy to use. We really like how after each lesson, it connects to the Internet to so we can perform the tasks. Everything is laid out step-by-step and extremely easy to understand. If you can't get a web site up using this CD then you just can't do it. Thanks Jim for a great CD!" A++++

Larry and Karen Timler
Moss Beach, Ca


Good Morning Jim,

"I have looked over the CD just to familiarize myself with all of the sections. From what I have seen so far, your CD is the easiest way to start a home business on the Internet. It cuts down on reading pages of information that other Internet systems give you. The best thing is that once you are finished with a video, you are given the chance to perform the task. Each video builds upon the last and helps you progressively, at your own pace, build your website. And if you need to watch a video again, you can just go to it and search through the video!"

Regards, Pete Bowne
Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey


"Jim, I LOVE this software!! I can't tell you how delighted I was to FINALLY receive a product and see that, unlike some, it offered what your sales letter promised... and more. I now believe I'm going to set up a business on the internet after being overwhelmed with how-to info products for the past couple of years. Thank you for your software."

Carolyn Johnson
Detroit, Michigan



"The format and delivery of your new web business instruction course are excellent. I was very impressed and your narrator Paul is now a firm friend."

"Probably not the best way to do it but I went through all of the videos (only completing one set of tasks). My reason for this was that I wanted to get a feel or an overview of what the course offered in its entirety plus I wanted to find out roughly how much everything was going to cost me."

"I thought that the way that you and Paul presented the information was excellent and, for those with a dial-up connection (like me - moving very slowly forwards into the Quaternary Period) it was a great idea to have the speech bubbles with Paul's words being displayed on the screen for when the Internet is not being quite so cooperative."

A nice course, thank you.
Best regards, Martin Milner
Howell, NJ


"I am the best case "novice" at websites that there may be on the planet, but this CD makes life so easy it is unbelievable! I can honestly say, for anyone who needs any help at all figuring out how to put up a website, Jim's ezWebBusinessBuilder CD WORKS!"

Karen Leutz
Porterville, California


"We gained a lot of insight from the CD. Right now, we're trying to integrate the program into our marketing plan. I believe this piece will greatly enhance our market position and gross revenue, and I very much appreciate the assistance. This resource is like finding an acre of diamonds."

Thanks, Jack Tarvin
Arlington, Texas


"Thanks for your ezWebBusinessBuilder CD!!! I enjoyed watching it very much! I can not imagine a more enjoyable way to learn, work on and produce an online income stream..."

Thank you very much & best regards,
Paul Schmidmayr
Graz Styria, Austria


Just a note to tell you I LOVE the WebBusinessBuilder CD. I must be in that group of people who learn better with a visual message than the written word. Some of the information I "knew" from reading it, but seeing it suddenly put it in focus and I knew what to do and how to do it. Thank you for making such a valuable teaching tool."

Sharon Owen
San Antonio, Texas


"I've browsed through it, and thanks to your hands on tutorial, can now understand some of the methods that have been explained previously, which I couldn't figure out."

"I will begin to implement your system on my next free day, and will let you know the progress. I wish I had this software before I built my last web-site a few weeks ago, as I think I have chosen the wrong niche for it."

Al Williams
Mount Warren Park


Good Afternoon Jim,

In a word, WOW!

Your ezWebBusinessBuilder is a one-stop source for developing all aspects of a successful Internet business. The information and tasks are easy to understand and implement. It is clear you will help many people 'get it all together' for long-term success. You are so right: 'View it and Do it!'

Thank you,
Chip Snyder
Hagerstown, Maryland


Jim, I just wanted to thank you ...

"Although I'm pretty well known as a consultant that specializes in showing 'newbies' how to start a successful Online business... I never hide the fact that it was YOU who helped ME get started, way back in 1998."

"If you hadn't taken me by the hand way back then, I may not be where I am, today ... and I'm forever grateful."

"ezWebBusinessBuilder is like having Jim Daniels, himself, to guide you around the landmines and pitfalls that plague the Online Marketing 'newbie'."

"You've turned what used to be many arduous tasks into an easy to follow and implement roadmap to Online success, and I highly recommend it."

"Thanks, again ... and again."

Mike Merz
Internet Marketing For Newbies"


"Howdy Jim, I just ordered the software last night I began reviewing it. WOW!!! Quite an extraordinary presentation from what I know to be a quite challenging subject. I even learned a few things about "How to make money on the internet" I will definitely sign up as an affiliate and place this on my web pages."

Bryce Jackson
Sparks, Nevada


"Outstanding job Jim! Like a lot of people, I learn faster thru visual rather than written material. Each step is laid out in the correct order, in simple steps and tasks that anyone can accomplish, one at a time. Finally, no confusion! "

"I especially like how the CD is unique to each persons interests, not some generalized, blanket solution. Everything needed to achieve a successful online business of most any kind is right there in front of you. "

"It doesn't get any easier to get from 'Start to Successful.' I highly recommend the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD to anyone who wants to build a successful online business the easy way."

Heather Colman
Colman WebShop


"You have a brilliant product and a great approach. As someone who is being forced to attempt to make a living via the web you have given me hope. Brilliant software! I am 'Information Technology Stupid' and even I am getting on well with this software."

Roger Macdivitt
Haslemere, United Kingdom


"I have to say I am very impressed. Like you, I have been making a living online for many years now and I thought I had seen everything. However, you have produced a product unlike anything I have seen before - a real revolution in helping people to be successful online."

Paul Lang
Netsavvy Communications
United Kingdom


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