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ezWebBusinessBuilder makes it easy for you to...


  Start a new business on the web.

  Grow an existing business using proven low-budget and no-budget web marketing.

  Migrate any existing offline business to the web to get new clients and sales.

  Turn any idea you may have into cash.



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Where do I put this CD
and how do I make it work?

My CD does not auto-start. How come?

My videos sometimes "hiccup" or the audio and video get out of synch. How come?

Clicking "Perform Task" does not work. (Including 'file not found', or 'file association not available' errors.)

Does the CD come with any consulting or personal assistance to help me grow my business online?

Where is the web design program that came with the CD?



Where do I put this CD and how do I make it work?

If you have the physical CD, you simply place the CD in your computer's CD player and close the drawer. The CD will auto-start by itself. If you have the download version, just double-click the "purple ball" and the program will start.

When it starts, simply click "Start Here: Play Intro Video". That video will explain exactly how simple the CD is to use.


My CD does not auto-start. How come?

Most people simply do not wait long enough. Depending on the speed of your PC and your CD-Rom drive, it could take up to a full minute to start. If it still does not start, check to see if your computer has auto-start disabled.

You can also start the CD by double-clicking My Computer, then double-clicking on your CD-Rom drive.

If you have trouble using the download version, chances are you did not start the program by clicking the purple ball. The videos will not run properly unless you start the program with the purple ball each time.


The videos sometimes "hiccup" or the audio and video get out of synch. How come?

Videos running from a CD can experience brief "stall" periods on occasion. This is because the playback speed of the videos is dependant on the speed of the CD drive. Newer CD drives are quite a bit faster than older ones, so the age of the user's computer has an impact. Also, the AVI video formats used on the CD can function differently depending on how a PC's drivers are optimized for CD playback. Finally, an overworked PC with low memory can cause the audio and video to go out of synch.

In most cases, skipping or any other problems can be fixed by simply pausing the video and pressing the play button. Or, pause the video and move the slide bar back a few frames, then press play.


Clicking "Perform Task" does not work.

If clicking "Perform Task" does not bring up a live website, most likely, you do not have a live Internet connection. Check to see if you can pull up your favorite website in your browser. If not, simply reconnect to the Internet and your Perform Task links should work fine.

If you get 'file not found' or 'file association not available' on Windows XP, you need to set your default browser. We've had two Windows XP users report this issue. They were both easily fixed by downloading the file at... http://windowsxp.mvps.org/ called "Set IE as Default Broswer - for Win XP" near the bottom of that web page.


Does the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD come with any consulting or personal assistance to help me grow my business online?

The CD is a standalone product. It does come with technical support which covers any problems using the CD. But if you feel that you will need personalized help, sign up for our complete Make A Living Online package -- you'll get the CD, all our books and unlimited, private email consultations with proven Internet marketing expert, Jim Daniels.


Where is the web design software that came with the CD?

The ezWebBusinessBuilder CD comes with a free WYSIWYG (stands for what you see is what you get) web design program. You can choose to use the included program, or any other web design program of your choice, to make a website of your own. You'll find the software in Section 2: SETUP. Just click "Install Web Design Software" to get the software and install it on your computer.

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