ezWebBusinessBuilder makes it easy for you to build a business on the web.


This software will help you...

  Start a brand new business on the web.

  Grow an existing business using low-budget and no-budget web marketing.

  Migrate any existing offline business to the web to get new clients and sales.

  Turn any idea you may have into cash.




"I regularly turn to JDD Publishing for accurate answers about real-life web business strategies."

- Melissa Campanelli
Contributing writer
Entrepreneur Magazine




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The owner of this site, Jim Daniels has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc.'s 301 Marketing Ideas, Opportunity Magazine and dozens of other publications.

2013 Update:

ezWebBusinessBuilder2.com Released! Play Video Below For Details...

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the Desk Of Jim Daniels

I created ezWebBusinessBuilder1 to show you every step to building profits on the web. The information below explains ezWebBusinessBuilder1. If you want the updated version, called ezWebBusinessBuilder2 click here.

I've been making my living online for more than a decade. During these tough times, I want to help others start their own income streams.

"If making money online seems like a mystery to you, you need this software. You simply watch the videos, then click your mouse and do everything yourself - live!"

It is an interactive, video based "View it and Do it" program, that works for ANY business -- online or off.

In case you're wondering how a single software program could be your solution to online money-making, here's exactly how it works:

Step 1: You start by watching an introduction video that shows you exactly how to use the program.

Step 2: A series of videos then show you every step you need to take to grow a business online. (If you're brand new to business, don't worry... the program helps you research and find the best way for you to make money online.)

Step 3: After each video plays, one click walks you through doing each step yourself, at your own pace.

So you can see exactly how it looks, I've made Video 1 available for you to watch free, right now...

Clicking this image will play Video 1 in a separate browser. This video is is approximately 8 minutes long and covers web business idea generation, affiliate marketing and more.


As you can see, everything is explained in easy-to-follow layman's terms, so anyone can understand. No fluff, no filler, no mountains of material.

You'll discover only the best, time-proven techniques I use in my own business and my clients' businesses.

Whether you're brand new to the web, or you've been at it a while without the success you expected, this software will show you how simple making money on the web can be.

"I viewed the ezWebBusinessBuilder software yesterday and find it is excellent. It was laid out in such a way that each demonstration is the next logical step to follow. The whole program is like someone gently holding your hand and leading you down a path that leads you to your goal."

"Before receiving this program the whole subject of getting starting scared me to the point that I didn't want to do anything. Questions like where to start, do I do this first or last, and so forth are all sorted out in a understandable way using this software."
Kathy Linton
Canadian Corporate & Trade Name Searches

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You won't have to hire anyone or invest in a bunch of different software programs. Everything you need is included. And you can do everything yourself, even if you're on an extremely tight budget.

Introducing your guide, Paul...

Each multimedia video is narrated by Paul, your super-intelligent, yet humble host. Paul shows you how to perform each and every task in such detail, your grandmother could do it!

(He may look a little grumpy, but hey, he's doing all the work while you just sit back and watch.)

Here are a few things Paul walks you through:

  • How to start a new business in any niche that interests you. You'll discover how to quickly research any idea to see if it could be profitable on the web. (The last thing you want to do is pick the wrong niche!)

  • How to use the web to double the profits of an existing offline business. (Watch the exact techniques that have doubled and even tripled profits for my local business clients.)

  • How to quickly find and select the perfect domain name(s) for your business. (Including exactly why domain name selection is crucial and can make or break your business.)

  • How to put up your own professional website in a few hours. (The software even includes pre-designed websites and an easy-to-use web design program.)

"I am the best case "novice" at websites that there may be on the planet, but this software makes life so easy it is unbelievable! I can honestly say, for anyone who needs any help at all figuring out how to put up a website, the ezWebBusinessBuilder CD WORKS!"
Karen Leutz
Porterville, California


  • The two email lists you must have, including exactly how and where to get them at no cost. (You'll also get e-newsletter templates and a proven follow-up email series that automatically grows business relationships and sales!)

  • How to profit from the best new, high-demand products or services for any niche market -- products that generate steady long-term income. (If affiliate marketing interests you, I'll show you two free tools you must use regularly.)


    No Job, No Worries by Jim DanielsTime Out! While you're here today, grab my free Quick-Start Kit!

    This kit includes my Beginner's Guide to Starting a Web Business called No Job, No Worries and a lifetime subscription to my famous BizWeb eGazette!

    (Click the button below to open a new window and grab the kit!)


  • Simple ways to automatically process secure orders at your site, without the expensive startup costs. (This is a huge money pit if you are not careful.)

  • How to use my powerful, yet responsible search engine ranking strategy that will vault your site to page one of the major search engines. You'll watch as this no-cost technique is applied to a client site and see it move right to number one!

  • Why Pay Per Click advertising is probably NOT the best solution for your business. (Why PAY for visitors when you can get better quality visitors for free -- I'll show you exactly how.)

  • How to get existing websites within your niche, promoting your products and services for you. (If you are not doing this already, you are making a huge mistake.)

  • How to use my top six grass-roots marketing techniques to steadily grow your website visitors and income. (While there are literally hundreds of ways to get traffic to a website, these six free and dirt-cheap strategies get visitors that BUY.)

  • The best ways to adapt to growing competition in your niche, and use the web to stay one step ahead. (Including how to grow your profits on the Internet without spending more and more money.)

  • And much more... remember, these are the exact strategies I've used time and time again in my business and my clients' businesses. They are guaranteed to work for you. In fact...

"This innovative software is guaranteed to be your LAST web
business solution."

If you've ever been pressured into buying something you weren't sure was right for you, you can relax. I'm not out to empty your bank account. In fact, I want to do just the opposite. I want to help you grow it!

That's the whole idea behind this software. To show you exactly how to get a piece of the Internet Cash Pie, without risking your life-savings in the process.

Just using this software will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of needless work. And I've made sure that getting it is within reach too...

While other Internet business packages are selling for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, the price of this software is just $99. (Now Free if you act quickly!)

Why not try it right now...

ezWebBusinessBuilder is 100% proven and guaranteed to build your business, no matter what stage you're at -- from "just starting out," to "still struggling."

If you're tired of reading about all the money-making that's happening online instead of counting the money yourself.... the solution is right in front of you.

Now that you know about my no-risk way to start a business online or to substantially increase sales and profits of an existing business, the next move is up to you. So ask yourself one last question...

Do you really have the time and knowledge it takes to grow your business into a source of guaranteed income? Or will you have to guess your way along - the same way millions have failed before you.

If you've read this far, you obviously have a strong interest in making your business as profitable as possible. All that's left is to take the action to do it.

Remember, there is nothing like this software on the market. You can read a mountain of material and struggle through the learning curve, or you can save all that time, money and aggravation, and grab this software.

"What a refreshing difference to all the other material I looked at / often paid a lot more for. It has provided me with many valuable tips that I somehow missed in all the other more passive courses that I have bought. This is going to be invaluable for us."

Jeff Walters
Irene, Gauteng
South Africa


"We have used your software quite a bit of it. The way you have put it together makes it so easy to use. We really like how after each lesson, it connects to the Internet to so we can perform the tasks. Everything is laid out step-by-step and extremely easy to understand. If you can't get a web site up using this solution then you just can't do it. Thanks Jim for a great program!" A++++

Larry and Karen Timler
Moss Beach, Ca


"Many kudos to you in your efforts. Although I didn't do each step, which I intend to go back and do, after about 4 hours of pure enjoyment and fascination, I marveled at how easy you have made it for anyone to build and promote a website."

"I'm sure it is going to help a lot of people like myself who were totally confused. Thanks again." :)

Bob Deuel


"Jim, my husband and I are both retired and things are finally starting to make sense to us at last! Your software is so simple and logical, I am very impressed. What a wonderful product this is."

"Thanks Jim for making it available to Newbies like me! I'm like a kid in a toy shop everything is new and exciting. Not only is the program informative in a very easy going, non stressful way, it is also great fun!"

"Keep up the good work Jim. I would certainly wholeheartedly recommend ezWebBusinessBuilder to anyone who is serious about making money online. This is definitely the fastest and easiest way to go."
Sincerely, Eileen Alouf
Nanaimo, BC Canada



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Thanks again for taking time to read this special message today.

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To your success,

JDD Publishing Co.

P.S. I understand the web is full of "business opportunity" sites. You know, the sites that tell you how much money you can make while you're sleeping?

The problem is, most of them get you excited by promising overnight riches. They then proceed to grab your money and give you some lame program that will help build their business.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to understand that this software is designed to build your business, not mine.

I've sold thousands of copies of this software at $99, so don't miss this opportunity to grab it for free! It may not last long.

"I have to say I am very impressed. Like you, I have been making a living online for many years now and I thought I had seen everything. However, you have produced a product unlike anything I have seen before - a real revolution in helping people to be successful online."
 Paul Lang
 Netsavvy Communications
 United Kingdom

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